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CARTA PURA papers and paper products are distributed by numerous dealers in Germany and Europe. Many of our merchant clients have launched very good online shops in the past years. Just click on the map and hover over the city names: so you can easily find real shops and online shops.


As our assortment is extensive and comprises of many sections of goods, our retailers only stock part of the CARTA PURA range. This may be a few items or many products from all sections. Nevertheless all shops take care in fullfilling customer's wishes: Our dealers are prepared to order more products of our range on demand. If this should in any case not be possible we ship our goods to end users in the EU directly with a minimum order amount. Just ask for our general catalogue.


We usually deal directly with professional customers like bookbinders, printing companies or greeting card manufacturers. As soon as we have been informed about business' details we can send a net price list with terms.


If you want to become a CARTA PURA merchant, you may contact us. When choosing a new business partner we protect longterm business relations but also want to open up new ways of distribution. Our retailer's concepts and shops are as versatile as our product range.




We also deliver our goods to business partners outside of Europe.


Most of our merchants are located in Japan, where we sell to traditional companies like Ito-Ya or Kami no ondo but also to young and ambitious dealers with new concepts who do a lot in promoting our goods. This is the case with biotope in Tokyo: Within their shop called Doinel they inaugurated a CARTA PURA „pop-up-shop“ for three weeks in summer 2012 and did another inhouse-event in 2014. Customers could buy many of our products in an ambience reminiscent of our Munich Papierladen. Marushige Shiki, a company located in Kyoto, is also producing several items for their two Tokyo shops Box&Needle by means of our papers.


In other parts of the world one can find our items too:
In Montreal Nota Bene sells CARTA PURA goods in their European stationery shop. In South Africa you can find our folders, Rivoli blocks and Carta Varese in the book stores of Exclusive Books.